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The Evening Practice

Meet Molly on Zoom 10 days of Evening Practice to form healthy habits to cultivate deep rest.

10 DAYS OF EVENING PRACTICE. SIMPLE. EMPOWERING. EFFECTIVE✨ NEXT 10 DAY SESSION: MONDAY OCTOBER 2 - FRIDAY OCTOBER 13 WEEKDAYS FROM 20:00 - 20:35 ON ZOOM The Evening Practice is a space to support us all in various life phases to tune-in, reset, and take really good care of you. A grounding, nourishing & calming evening practice to cultivate healthy habits for winter monthsJoin Molly from SoundOnYoga for 10 days of Evening Practice and cultivate healthy habits to help you relax, restore, and find deep rest. During this practice, Molly will provide a non-judgmental and accessible space to allow you to let go of the day and focus on your own self-care. Meet Molly on Zoom and allow her to guide you through this practice of meditation, breathwork, and gentle movement. Get ready to drift off to sleep feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. - This series is for a maximum of 40 souls. - Playlists to accompany our evening gatherings will be sent via email - Monday through to Friday, with weekends free. Let's stay connected. All beings are so welcome and invited to join this sweet 10 day gathering.



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